We're actively booking Spring / Summer

We booked two more shows today.  5/28 at The Iron Horse Restaurant in Ashland, VA and 6/25 at The RailYard in Bluefield, WV!  Please make sure to tell your local venues about us!  We're pretty confident when it comes to the music side of things but we need our fans to get the word out!  We need to make sure we get a great turnout everywhere we play and YOU are the most important part of that!  We love all of the kind words we hear from you and appreciate every one of them.  Please invite your friends to like us on social media but more importantly....  Come on out and see us! 

And of course please take care of your wait staff and bartenders and be respectful to the venue.  We are blessed to have great crowds at our shows and we really appreciate the way you've treated the venues that are booking us!  You have a lot to do with our reputation and we can't thank you enough!!!! 

Repeat bookings mean the world to us too and a HUGE thank you to The Iron Horse and The RailYard!

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